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An Introduction

A few words about what we’re doing here, and what to expect.

Five figures wearing yellow masks stand in an inward-facing circle beneath a yellow sky.

Act I, Prologue & Chapter 1

Wherein a rush of visions and voices awaken four nameless strangers to their horrific circumstances.

Dora stands in a dungeon over a bloody corpse, her hand on his chest. A halo of psychic power appears over her head.

Act I, Chapter 2

Wherein new allies explore their prison and begin to unearth their lost identities.

Gulliver climbs up a ventilation shaft, holding a lit torch. Ray and others are seen in the distance below.

Act I, Chapter 3

Wherein a treacherous route to freedom leads to new dangers.

Six strangers stand behind a barricade, armed with crossbows.

Act I, Chapter 4

Wherein the party encounters more survivors and accepts a daunting task.

Grip drowns in a sea of dogchildren

Act I, Chapter 5

Wherein a deadly battle results in dire consequences.

The figure of the Crying Man hovers over Ray

Act I, Chapter 6

Wherein a day of recuperation unleashes secrets and nightmares.

Gull holds a rapier in his long arms and stalks an armed figure behind a curtain

Act I, Chapter 7

Wherein an experiment is interrupted.

Gull hovers in the air, his limbs transforming into various animal parts, while a humanoid figure draped in yellow rags and holding a razor menaces him from below.

Act I, Chapter 8

Wherein a quest is completed and contact is made.

Winter stands in black leather in a chapel in front of a towering statue of Pharasma.

Act I, Chapter 9

Wherein the party takes stock.

Grip and Ray stand before a wall covered in yellow fungus with a giant eyeball contained within.

Act I, Chapter 10

Wherein the priestess tells her tale.

Ray, Dora, Grip, and Gull stand in a doorway, menaced by black tentacles and yellow fog

Act I, Chapter 11

Wherein a monstrosity is battled and new technology is brought to bear.

Dora floats many feet in the air as Ray reaches up to her; behind them, a cage full of ravens screams

Act I, Chapter 12

Wherein a mission of stealth leads to curious discoveries.

A figure with Dora's head overlaid atop it plays a violin in a city filled with explosions

Act I, Chapter 13

Wherein the party faces overwhelming odds.

Grip stares straight ahead with fist clenched, covered in blood

Act I, Chapter 14

Wherein the party clears the path to their objective.

Ray's hand holds a file with papers spilling out.

Act I, Chapter 15

Wherein old truths are revealed.

The Stranger looms amidst a quartet of unknown adventurers.

Act I, Interlude

Wherein four friends bravely battle the forces of tyranny.

Dora writhes in pain as she appears to be split into two versions of herself.

Act I, Chapter 16

Wherein secrets and theories are laid bare.

A spiral of alternating screaming faces--Dora and an unknown man.

Act I, Chapter 17

Wherein a search delves too deep.

A fox sits with its tail curled around itself.

Act I, Chapter 18

Wherein the party makes new friends.

Grip, Gull, and Ray direct their weapons against unseen enemies, all visibly upset.

Act I, Chapter 19

Wherein the survivors must fight one of their own.

Ray stands at the front of the chapel, head bowed and arms raised.

Act I, Chapter 20

Wherein history is uncovered and the survivors mourn a terrible loss.

Two faces of Ray: one current, rotting and shocked; one young, healthy, and pleased

Act I, Chapter 21

Wherein illness stymies the party’s advance.

An arm holding a razor erupts out of Ulver Zandalus's mouth

Act I, Chapter 22

Wherein an occult ritual results in devastation and despair.

A top-down view of a person slumped in a wheelchair, with liquid pouring out of them.

Act I, Chapter 23

Wherein the party learns what lurks beyond the bleeding doorway.

Dora, holding the arctic fox, uses her mind to cause an explosion in a ghoul's head.

Act I, Chapter 24

Wherein continued exploration leads to up-close contact with new horrors.

A unicorn, trailing rainbows, charges Gull.

Act I, Chapter 25

Wherein the party breaks through to the north.

Dora and a little girl walk hand-in-hand down a hallway lined with books.

Act I, Chapter 26

Wherein the party stumbles into another group of survivors.

Dr. Elbourne stands with a hand outstretched in front of a crowd of yellow-robed Apostles.

Act I, Chapter 27

Wherein a second crossing is attempted.

A framed portrait on a wallpapered wall features a very young Ray standing next to a seated Gulliver Vatticus.

Act I, Chapter 28

Wherein relations grow strained under the shadow of a religious rite.

Ratch Mamby stares and points in front of him while clutching his stomach.

Act I, Chapter 29

Wherein a rash course of action leads to unanticipated consequences.

The chapel survivors face off against an army of ratlings and rats.

Act I, Chapter 30

Wherein the battle for the chapel reaches its conclusion.

Brenton sits with his shadow lantern, birds projected on the wall behind him

Act I, Chapter 31

Wherein several souls let go of that to which they had been clinging.

Six ghouls menace the viewer.

Act I, Chapter 32

Wherein the party battles their way to the northwest tower.

The Esipil erupts.

Act I, Chapter 33

Wherein the party must react to the changes happening around them.

The party climbs a set of yellow stairs.

Act I, Chapter 34

Wherein preparations are made for the final confrontation.

Three oneirogens face out a window.

Act I, Chapter 35

Wherein four companions climb the stairs…

Ulver Zandalus floats cross-legged in a crumbling hallway.

Act I, Chapter 35

…and face their fate.

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Act I Postscript

A conversation about our experiences in Act I.

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Act I Q&A  

Wherein we answer questions submitted by YOU!

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