Dark Nexus

Act I Recap & Review

A rundown of all that’s happened, in preparation for the launch of Act II.

Row rowboats make their way to a hilly town by night.

Act II, Prologue & Chapter 36

Wherein the survivors transition from one world to the next.

Two armed halflings, standing on a dock, stare up at the viewer.

Act II, Chapter 37

Wherein the party meets the crew of the Sellen Starling.

A rotting humanoid figure lurks at the bottom of a body of water next to a sundered cage.

Act II, Chapter 38

Wherein the past returns with a vengeance.

The party walks in front of a wall covered in a mural of an eerie city.

Act II, Chapter 39

Wherein four old familiar faces present themselves to a town in turmoil.

Three sets of glowing eyes lurk inside a cave mouth.

Act II, Chapter 40

Wherein the party goes on a witch hunt.

A huge mushroom monster looms over Rony lying in pain on the ground.

Act II, Chapter 41

Wherein contact is made with a lonely soul.

The woman in the cave whispers a name.

Act II, Chapter 42

Wherein the fate of an old friend is revealed.

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