Dark Nexus

Act I Recap & Review

A rundown of all that’s happened, in preparation for the launch of Act II.

Row rowboats make their way to a hilly town by night.

Act II, Prologue & Chapter 36

Wherein the survivors transition from one world to the next.

Two armed halflings, standing on a dock, stare up at the viewer.

Act II, Chapter 37

Wherein the party meets the crew of the Sellen Starling.

A rotting humanoid figure lurks at the bottom of a body of water next to a sundered cage.

Act II, Chapter 38

Wherein the past returns with a vengeance.

The party walks in front of a wall covered in a mural of an eerie city.

Act II, Chapter 39

Wherein four old familiar faces present themselves to a town in turmoil.

Three sets of glowing eyes lurk inside a cave mouth.

Act II, Chapter 40

Wherein the party goes on a witch hunt.

A huge mushroom monster looms over Rony lying in pain on the ground.

Act II, Chapter 41

Wherein contact is made with a lonely soul.

The woman in the cave whispers a name.

Act II, Chapter 42

Wherein the fate of an old friend is revealed.

A skeletal hand floats above masses of yellow tendrils.

Act II, Chapter 43

Wherein the party rejoins the Inmost Blot.

Risi sits at a table covered with whisky bottles, framed by Rony and Ray.

Act II, Chapter 44

Wherein the companions read an old book and make new friends.

A mass of eyes, mouths, and tentacles menaces.

Act II, Chapter 45

Wherein an investigator follows up on a lead.

Rony points the alchemical torch straight ahead, surrounded by skum.

Act II, Chapter 46

Wherein there’s no place like home.

A terrified man stands with hands outstretched at the center of an angry mob.

Act II, Chapter 47

Wherein tempers run high in Thrushmoor.

A wasted crone with ram's horns hovers in the air in the middle of the party.

Act II, Chapter 48

Wherein a slumber party turns deadly.

Four figures circle a fire.

Act II, Chapter 49

Wherein the survivors commemorate a time of transition.

Ray brandishes his morningstar in an eerie blue light.

Act II, Chapter 50

Wherein an ambush is sprung.

Bates holds his head and screams as a human-shaped cloud of ash rises behind him.

Act II, Chapter 50

Wherein an assault is launched.

Two hands lie on the ground next to dropped weapons.

Act II, Chapter 50

Wherein paths diverge.

Dora weeps, holding a bloody hand to her face.

Act II, Chapter 51

Wherein the survivors say goodbye.

Rony stands in silhouette before a glowing Star Stela.

Act II, Chapter 52

Wherein the party revisits the Star Stelae with fresh eyes.

Fort Hailcourse from above.

Act II, Chapter 53

Wherein the infiltration begins.

Dabwick casts a spell, seen through a keyhole.

Act II, Chapter 54

Wherein the companions face off against waves of Skum.

The party stands back-to-back, surrounded by Skum on all sides.

Act II, Chapter 55

Wherein the party finds itself pinned down and surrounded.

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