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Act I Recap & Review

A rundown of all that’s happened, in preparation for the launch of Act II.

Row rowboats make their way to a hilly town by night.

Act II, Prologue & Chapter 36

Wherein the survivors transition from one world to the next.

Two armed halflings, standing on a dock, stare up at the viewer.

Act II, Chapter 37

Wherein the party meets the crew of the Sellen Starling.

A rotting humanoid figure lurks at the bottom of a body of water next to a sundered cage.

Act II, Chapter 38

Wherein the past returns with a vengeance.

The party walks in front of a wall covered in a mural of an eerie city.

Act II, Chapter 39

Wherein four old familiar faces present themselves to a town in turmoil.

Three sets of glowing eyes lurk inside a cave mouth.

Act II, Chapter 40

Wherein the party goes on a witch hunt.

A huge mushroom monster looms over Rony lying in pain on the ground.

Act II, Chapter 41

Wherein contact is made with a lonely soul.

The woman in the cave whispers a name.

Act II, Chapter 42

Wherein the fate of an old friend is revealed.

A skeletal hand floats above masses of yellow tendrils.

Act II, Chapter 43

Wherein the party rejoins the Inmost Blot.

Risi sits at a table covered with whisky bottles, framed by Rony and Ray.

Act II, Chapter 44

Wherein the companions read an old book and make new friends.

A mass of eyes, mouths, and tentacles menaces.

Act II, Chapter 45

Wherein an investigator follows up on a lead.

Rony points the alchemical torch straight ahead, surrounded by skum.

Act II, Chapter 46

Wherein there’s no place like home.

A terrified man stands with hands outstretched at the center of an angry mob.

Act II, Chapter 47

Wherein tempers run high in Thrushmoor.

A wasted crone with ram's horns hovers in the air in the middle of the party.

Act II, Chapter 48

Wherein a slumber party turns deadly.

Four figures circle a fire.

Act II, Chapter 49

Wherein the survivors commemorate a time of transition.

Ray brandishes his morningstar in an eerie blue light.

Act II, Chapter 50

Wherein an ambush is sprung.

Bates holds his head and screams as a human-shaped cloud of ash rises behind him.

Act II, Chapter 50

Wherein an assault is launched.

Two hands lie on the ground next to dropped weapons.

Act II, Chapter 50

Wherein paths diverge.

Dora weeps, holding a bloody hand to her face.

Act II, Chapter 51

Wherein the survivors say goodbye.

Rony stands in silhouette before a glowing Star Stela.

Act II, Chapter 52

Wherein the party revisits the Star Stelae with fresh eyes.

Fort Hailcourse from above.

Act II, Chapter 53

Wherein the infiltration begins.

Dabwick casts a spell, seen through a keyhole.

Act II, Chapter 54

Wherein the companions face off against waves of Skum.

The party stands back-to-back, surrounded by Skum on all sides.

Act II, Chapter 55

Wherein the party finds itself pinned down and surrounded.

Rony points his fingers at his eyes and stares mistrustfully.

Act II, Chapter 56

Wherein relentless undead force the fight deeper into enemy territory.

Grip parries blows from three longswords with Red Destiny.

Act II, Chapter 57

Wherein the companions are driven further and further apart.

Dora stares at a reflection of herself.

Act II, Chapter 58

Wherein it’s time for reflection.

Dora lies beneath a bed, holding in a scream, while a booted soldier with a sword passes by.

Act II, Chapter 59

Wherein the party enters stealth mode.

Eight figures walk across a field of yellow.

Act II, Chapter 60

Wherein the companions comb through the wreckage.

A hand reaches for Ray, Rony, Grip, and Dora as headfruits dangling from tree branches.

Act II, Interlude

Wherein unlikely allies embark upon a dangerous quest.

Dabwick and Grip walk down a street in Thrushmoor, surrounded by Carcosa murals.

Act II, Chapter 61

Wherein some heart-to-hearts unlock fresh understandings and new knowledge.

Melisenn stands next to the floating head of a woman trailing her spine.

Act II, Chapter 62

Wherein tales of sentinels, knights, philanthropists, and vigilantes grace the decks of the Starling.

A humanoid frog peers out from a well behind looming soldiers armed with longswords.

Act II, Chapter 63

Wherein a trio of scouts gather information.

Grip battles multiple humanoid forms, one of which is on fire.

Act II, Chapter 64

Wherein the next infiltration begins.

Rony struggles in the grasp of a tentacled creature filled with blood.

Act II, Chapter 65

Wherein the blood flows.

A Hound of Tindalos emerges from a hallway ceiling.

Act II, Chapter 66

Wherein something hides in the angles.

A bleeding Dora with her eyes closed clutches a potion, surrounded by yellow tentacles.

Act II, Chapter 67

Wherein the gaze of death falls upon the party.

Grip grins maniacally as the ceiling buckles above him.

Act II, Chapter 68

Wherein so much weight comes crashing down.

Dora, Dabwick, Grip & Rony do battle in a field of tentacles.

Act II, Chapter 69

Wherein it’s time to grab the goods and run.

Rony fires through a bloody circular hole.

Act II, Chapter 70

Wherein the companions collide with the cannibals.

Dabwick stands at the center of a group of rats, cats, and fire elementals.

Act II, Chapter 71

Wherein the corpses pile high.

Four separate panels show Rony clutching a flask, Grip wincing in pain, Dabwick swimming underwater in frog form, and Dora staring wide-eyed at something unknown.

Act II, Chapter 72

Wherein there is, indeed, a response from Iris Hill.

The yellow outline of a hand floats above a severed wrist stump.

Act II, Chapter 73

Wherein things aren’t always as we remember them to be.

Rony lies on his back with smoke issuing from his mouth and chest.

Act II, Chapter 74

Wherein the party analyzes new information.

A paranoid Rony stands before a field of alternating Dora and Skum faces.

Act II, Chapter 75

Wherein there’s more than one of everything.

Grip and Dabwick-in-Boggard-form stand back to back fighting zombies and cultists.

Act II, Chapter 76

Wherein the companions cluster together for protection.

Dora peers through a blood-covered window into a room filled with straps of yellow fabric.

Act II, Chapter 77

Wherein something’s going down inside Iris Hill.

The backlit form of the Stranger approaches, surrounded by shards of yellow fabric.

Act II, Chapter 78

Wherein the Stranger reveals herself.

Rony walks down a corpse-filled hallway.

Act II, Chapter 79

Wherein the companions explore what the Stranger left behind.

The bloated, rotting form of a Keeper of the Yellow Sign reaches out.

Act II, Chapter 80

Wherein the living dead encircle the party.

Melisenn sits on a yellow throne as the corpse of a man lies before her and a winged monster looms behind her.

Act II, Chapter 81

Wherein old bonds are called into question.

The party faces off in combat with Melisenn.

Act II, Chapter 82

Wherein the companions face off with the architect of the Great Harvest.

Dora sits in a ray of light at the bottom of a set of spiral stairs.

Act II, Chapter 83

Wherein the aftermath begins.

A bleeding rapier is held vertically, splitting Vik on the left side and Gavrony on the right.

Act II, Chapter 84

Wherein things are sought and things are found.

Dora stands between two shadowy figures, one small like a child.

Act II, Chapter 85

Wherein they return to the Wailing House.

A group shot of the old party in the desert: Riptusk, Vatticus, Ray, the Triangle Man, Thema, and Lowls.

Act II, Chapter 86

Wherein the tale starts to come together.

A sign with four sigils hangs over a storefront.

Act II, Chapter 87

Wherein names are claimed, changed, honored, and praised.

Ray's corpse lies amidst the burning flames of a funeral pyre.

Act II, Chapter 88

Wherein some troubled spirits are brought closer to peace.

A broad keelboat sails away from Thrushmoor.

Act II, Chapter 89 & Epilogue

Wherein the companions set sail into the unknown.

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Act II Postscript

A conversation about our experiences in Act II.

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