Risi sits at a table covered with whisky bottles, framed by Rony and Ray.A woman with olive skin and very blond hair met by Rony, Grip & Ray at The Stain. A youthful, naïve look about her. Lively and vibrant. Mithral shirt, masterwork rapier and crossbow. Lots of bottles and beakers along her belt.

While on her way to Mendev, she had stopped in Thrushmoor to visit an old friend, but after discovering the situation in town, she decided to escort her friend back to Absalom. She’d been in town a week and had been killing time there. She told the party and a story of her time in the sewers of Absalom hunting down a cult involved in the worship of a demon lord who were kidnapping people.

She paid Ray’s outstanding tab at the Stain the day they met, spending freely from a large coin purse.

Risi assassinated Ray just after midnight on 6 Neth. Based on her reaction to his death, she clearly had some depth of feeling for him. She referred to Grip as “Riptusk” and told him that it was Thema who ordered the hit. She then told Dora (whom she believed was Thema), “He wanted this, too.” The party combined forces and slew her in the street in front of Thrushmoor’s New Chapel.

First Reference: Chapter 44
Other Notable References: Chapter 50 (Part 1), Chapter 50 (Part 3), Chapter 86


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