Sole survivor of a group of freedom fighters from Andoran who fought the slave trade that festers in the Inner Sea. Human druid shapeshifter who was raised as a wolf and only recently discovered her human form. Survived the encounter in Cassomir with the Stranger by running away.

The woman in the cave whispers a name.In Chapter 41, she was encountered by the party as a middle-aged human woman with black wooden spiky armor fashioned to look like a dress. She looked dark, wrecked, broken, and lost. Faded blond hair that had gone gray and white, hollow cheeks, blood-red lips, bloodshot eyes. Found in the company of two fungal wolves in an old smuggler’s cave in Thrushmoor, having been mistaken for the Briarstone Witch.

Became a drug addict in the wake of her choice to run from the docks after watching her friends—her family—be slaughtered by the Stranger fifteen years earlier. She perfected the creation of mood-altering drugs in a swamp, and eventually sold them, building a network of contacts. And one day, a name was spoken to her, and it changed her life. She began to crave sleep and dreams, where God whispered to her of rot, decay, and transformation. She learned the ecstasy of sharing the Inmost Blot. And before she was killed by the party in a smuggler’s cave outside Thrushmoor on the 4th of Neth, 4718, she shared it with them, too.

First Reference: Act I Interlude
Other Notable References: Chapter 41, Chapter 42, Chapter 43


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