A terrified man stands with hands outstretched at the center of an angry mob.A young half-elven man hired by Priestess Mavaine to paint a mural in the chapel of Pharasma in Thrushmoor, and subsequently accused of creating the black and yellow chalk murals that began to appear all over town. A pompous-looking fellow from Mendev with long dark hair and flat gray eyes. An avid tea drinker, and somewhat oblivious. He had been painting portraits of the party based on dreams he’d experienced.

In Chapter 48, when Grip pointed out that Lelwyn appeared to be in pain, it seemed like news to him, a discovery. He had been working so hard he hadn’t noticed, but his very stamina had been drained. The party soon deduced that he had been the victim of a Night Hag.

In Chapter 50 (Part 1), the party learned that the dreams Lelwyn had had of them began the day of the earthquake and ended the day they left Briarstone Island. It was these dreams the Night Hag followed to find Lelwyn, and they came from The Tatterman.

First Reference: Chapter 47
Other Notable References: Chapter 48, Chapter 50 (Part 1), Chapter 73


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