a.k.a. the Nightmare Man, the Razor Man (Winter), the Rag Man (Gull), the Shred Man or the Every-All (Ratch), the Witch’s Consort, the Harbinger

Male individual, speaking to the characters amidst the visions of the Prologue, in a language they all understood: “She said to make you suffer… body and soul… inside and out. There, and here.”

With pale skin, a lamprey mouth, and living yellow rags for clothing, he chased and killed the characters with a war razor in their nightmare during Chapter 1.

In Chapter 8, he confronted Gull in a dream. He implied that he had also appeared in both Grip’s earlier dream and Ray’s dream the night before, though neither of them recognized him as such, and he asked Gull to issue the warning to Dora that “Mummy’s coming.”

In Chapter 10, Winter referenced the survivors’ belief that he had the power to kill or transform people inside their dreams. In Chapter 18, Ratch Mamby confirmed the same belief.

In Chapter 21, Dora learned his true name (the Tatterman) and that he had long been the favored servant of the Briarstone Witch.

In Dora’s psychometry vision of Dr. Losandro’s office in Chapter 22, the party learned much more about his activities on 17 Lamashan: how he came to possess Ulver Zandalus and how his use of The Chain of Nights led to much of the trouble on Briarstone Isle.

In Chapter 26, he treated with Thema during Dora's dream.

The party discussed the habits and location of the Tatterman/Ulver Zandalus with Dr. Elbourne in Chapter 27.

In Chapter 29, Dora recalled more about the Tatterman’s history. He is a dream-hunter and a servant of the King in Yellow. Exists on the Plane of Dreams. Apparently thousands of years old, though he had been largely forgotten after the ancient empires fell. His legend was recalled by the Briarstone Witch, who learned how to bring him forth onto the Material Plane. Somehow involved in the Thrushmoor Vanishing.

In Chapter 35 (Part 2), the party encountered him in the flesh. He initiated combat while in control of Zandalus’ body, then emerged in the flesh upon his death. Dora was able to identify him as a Nightmare Creature before Thema slew him.

In Chapter 50 (Part 1), the party learned that the reach of his dream haunting was much greater than they had suspected, perhaps covering the entire Thrushmoor/Versex County region.

First Reference: Prologue
Other Notable References: Chapter 1, Chapter 8, Chapter 10, Chapter 18, Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 29, Chapter 35 (Part 2), Chapter 50 (Part 1)


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