Handsome, dark-skinned young man in clerical garb with bright eyes and teeth. Child-minder behind the barricade at Briarstone Asylum, formerly a nurse on staff. He speaks Modern Osiriani.

Had a spiritual reckoning with Ray in Chapter 18, where he revealed himself to be a follower of Shelyn. He taught Ray a prayer to the Eternal Rose.

In Chapter 19, he began conversations with Gull about divorce rituals, and in Chapter 20 he began the process of providing Dora with counseling to help overcome her madness.

In Chapter 28, he gave Gull a book of Pharasmin holy rites that he had found in the Briarstone chaplain’s office. Gull tried to have him administer a divorce between himself and Thema the next day, but that proceeding devolved into a strained conversation amongst the party (one that Tolman quickly extracted himself from).

He participated in the battle for the chapel in Chapters 29 & 30, focused on protecting the children.

In Chapter 31, the players learned his surname and that he was a second son. His father had given him away to the paladins of Shelyn, in order to “make a man” out of him. He loved the art, but despised the violence, and so he ran away, eventually finding a home at Briarstone Asylum as a nurse.

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 49


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