a.k.a Anathema

Dora writhes in pain as she appears to be split into two versions of herself.Entity who shares Dora’s body, though Dora is the dominant personality. Believed by Dora to be dangerous, unstable, and angry. Named in the Briarstone Asylum records as Ray’s mother and Gulliver Vatticus’ wife.

In Chapter 16, it was revealed that Thema also lost her memories along with Dora.

During the fight with the oneirogen in the administrator’s office in Chapter 22, Thema wanted to come forward and Dora flatly refused to allow it. During a dream Dora experienced, something happened to agitate Thema, but Dora wasn’t sure what it was.

When Dora remembered her dream during Chapter 26, she discovered that Thema appeared to be immune to the Tatterman’s influence in dreams, and she had tried to make a deal with him while Dora slept.

In Chapter 27, during the encounter with the Nightgaunt in the North Courtyard, Thema deliberately released Reynard into the fog. When Dora regained control of her body, she ran after him alone to recover him, but he would not talk to her in the aftermath.

In Chapter 28, Thema was mentioned in the psychometry vision related to Gulliver Vatticus’ wedding band. In the vision, Vatticus and a very young Ray called Thema a “hateful old witch” as a secret mantra.

In the Act I Epilogue, a 9-year-old girl (that the Stranger called Dora) told the Stranger to call her “Anathema.”

In the Act II Prologue, during the scene on the Cassomir docks fifteen years previously, it was revealed that she had another child, a daughter, younger than Brayden.

In Chapter 42, Thema (along with the rest of the party) heard the name of Xhamen-Dor and was seeded.

In Chapter 43, Dora observed in a psychometry vision Thema dropping her daughter’s hands in a vat of lye, in a storage room in a damp basement when she was in her thirties, overwhelmed with grief. When she was older, she clutched those bones hard enough to make herself bleed while confronting Gulliver Vatticus outside an old mansion in Thrushmoor. She only processed one thing he said, “I just want you to know, it was Brayden. He did it. He killed her.” She knew he meant it was “us.”

In Chapter 50 (Part 3), Nemira Lowls called Dora (mistaking her for Thema) a “dirty girl.”

In Chapter 51, Dora learned in a psychometry vision that Thema had been the previous owner of the bone-handled dagger used by Risi to murder Ray. It had been given to her by Vatticus, and then she (not long before the events of the campaign) gave it to Melisenn to give to Risi. She said that if Gulliver and Brayden “made it back” but she didn’t, Thema wanted Risi to kill them both with that blade.

In the same vision, Dora learned that Thema used to scratch at the back of her neck and had a weird, contentious relationship with Melisenn.

In the Act II Interlude, Thema was was a Wizard (Scryer) and Reynard was her familiar. She was Neutral Evil. She was identified as being from a ravaged land of technical marvels, and someone who prefers to keep to herself, to study and read. Such activities keep the forces of rage within her at bay. In that chapter, Thema was observed to have died in 4715 (three years before the start of the adventure) at the hands of a wish spell cast by the Mad Poet.

In Chapter 71, while fighting against the platoon of Kuru, Dora discovered that if she allowed Thema to come out, getting her to go away would entail a risk that Thema would shout out the name of the Inmost Blot in order to curse Dabwick.

In Chapter 81, Melisenn called Dora (believing her to be Thema) a “shit licker.”

According to Lowls’ journals read by Dora in Chapter 86, she was sold to Lowls by Weiralai as a research assistant back in the early 90’s when she was 23 years old. Brilliant but prone to rages. Came from “filthy barbarian stock.” Mun made drugs and sent them to Lowls, who gave them to Vatticus, who administered them to her. She deeply embraced Xhamen-dor after Mun seeded her on her wedding night, which Lowls admired but feared her rapid transformation. She infected Riptusk and Viktor and a number of townsfolk in Thrushmoor. Married Vatticus and had a kid. From Numeria, formerly held by Feshka Nellit before Weiralai sold her to Lowls 25 years ago.

In Chapter 87, Dora learned that Thema was left-handed and that the stain on Dora’s back appears to have once been a fungus that crawled out of Thema’s ears and spread over her body.

First Reference: Chapter 15
Other Notable References: Chapter 16, Chapter 22, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Act I Epilogue, Act II Prologue, Chapter 42, Chapter 43, Chapter 50 (Part 3), Chapter 51, Act II Interlude, Chapter 71, Chapter 81, Chapter 86, Chapter 87


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