a.k.a “Anathema”

Dora writhes in pain as she appears to be split into two versions of herself.Entity who shares Dora’s body, though Dora is the dominant personality. Believed by Dora to be dangerous, unstable, and angry. Named in the Briarstone Asylum records as Ray’s mother and Gulliver Vatticus’ wife.

In Chapter 16, it was revealed that Thema also lost her memories along with Dora.

During the fight with the oneirogen in the administrator’s office in Chapter 22, Thema wanted to come forward and Dora flatly refused to allow it. During a dream Dora experienced, something happened to agitate Thema, but Dora wasn’t sure what it was.

When Dora remembered her dream during Chapter 26, she discovered that Thema appeared to be immune to the Tatterman’s influence in dreams, and she had tried to make a deal with him while Dora slept.

In Chapter 27, during the encounter with the Nightgaunt in the North Courtyard, Thema deliberately released Reynard into the fog. When Dora regained control of her body, she ran after him alone to recover him, but he would not talk to her in the aftermath.

In Chapter 28, Thema was mentioned in the psychometry vision related to Gulliver Vatticus’ wedding band. In the vision, Vatticus and a very young Ray called Thema a “hateful old witch” as a secret mantra.

In the Act I Epilogue, a 9-year-old girl (that the Stranger called Dora) told the Stranger to call her “Anathema.”

In the Act II Prologue, during the scene on the Cassomir docks fifteen years previously, it was revealed that she had another child, a daughter, younger than Brayden.

First Reference: Chapter 15
Other Notable References: Chapter 16, Chapter 22, Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Act I Epilogue, Act II Prologue


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