Merchant keelboat based out of Cassomir, owned and captained by Skywin Freeling. First encountered moored on the outskirts of Thrushmoor. Soon became a temporary home for the party while they investigated the goings-on in town.

In Chapter 49, the ship was the site of the winter solstice celebrations of CrystalhueDays of Wrath, and the Ritual of Stardust.

In Chapter 50 (Part 2), the ship was attacked by a platoon of Skum as part of the attempted Great Harvest.

In Chapter 62, Skywin agreed to take the ship out onto Lake Encarthan with as many townfolk as she could manage, to avoid the ambush planned by Melisenn. She left in Chapter 63 at dusk on 7 Neth, and returned in Chapter 74 at dusk on 8 Neth.

First Reference: Chapter 36
Other Notable References: Chapter 37, Chapter 39, Chapter 43, Chapter 49, Chapter 50 (Part 2), Chapter 50 (Part 3), Chapter 51, Chapter 60, Chapter 62, Chapter 63, Chapter 74

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