a.k.a. “Dr. Elbourne”

Dr. Elbourne stands with a hand outstretched in front of a crowd of yellow-robed Apostles.Charming and clever man who rescued the party from a mob of Apostles in Orpiment when the party entered the asylum’s kitchen in Chapter 26. Claimed to be a doctor that had only been at the asylum for a few weeks. In private, his confident demeanor vanished.

In Chapter 27, Elbourne confessed that he is not actually a doctor, but a patient since his admittance on the 15th of Lamashan. He had been faking being a doctor using his bard magic and skills at deception.

During the solstice ceremonies in Chapter 49, Elbourne revealed that his family had him committed to Briarstone because of who he is and who he loves. He laid the lion’s share of blame at the feet of someone named “Jeremy.”

First Reference: Chapter 26
Other Notable References: Chapter 27, Chapter 49


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