Guard captain at the barricade on the upper floor of Briarstone Asylum. Wearing full-on studded leather armor and wielding a crossbow. Short-cropped dark brown hair, looks like a badass. Seemed at first to be the one “in charge,” but later it was revealed that he acted as Winter‘s lieutenant among the chapel survivors.

In Chapter 19, he took active participation in the group combat with Mr. Gabriel after the doppelganger attempted to assassinate Dora, doing significant damage with his crossbow. And after the fight, he and Naysa took over joint leadership of the chapel survivors.

During the battle for the chapel in Chapters 29 & 30, Vaustin killed Benji Bald-Belly with Gull’s rapier, which he was using in exchange for teaching Gull how to be a better shot with the alchemical torch.

In Chapter 31, the players learned his surname and that he is a second son. He was working at Briarstone Asylum as a resume-building exercise between his military career and the lofty political ambitions he has.

First Reference: Chapter 4
Other Notable References: Chapter 19, Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 49


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