Former adventurer and founder of the Sleepless Agency in Thrushmoor. Known as someone whom high-powered rulers call on to hunt down secrets and information. A business card with her name on it was discovered in a secret safe in the Administrative Wing of Briarstone Asylum.

The party met her in person for the first time in Chapter 39. They found her to be a striking woman, elegant and dapper, with high cheekbones and blazing red hair. Piercing eyes and a wry twist to her lips. She exuded confidence and lived up to Skywin‘s assessment of her as “no-nonsense.” She tasked them with investigating rumors of the return of the Briarstone Witch.

In Chapter 43, the party returned to Cesadia with proof that Ariadne had not returned, and she organized humanitarian aid for the Briarstone survivors gathered on the Sellen Starling.

Reported by Allard in Chapter 47, on 5 Neth, to have been “gotten.”

In Chapter 52, her corpse was discovered slumped against the Star Stela atop Gladiolus Hill. She had been sacrificed during the events of the failed “Great Harvest” in Thrushmoor shortly after midnight on 6 Neth.

First Reference: Chapter 17
Other Notable References: Chapter 39, Chapter 43, Chapter 47, Chapter 52


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