Row rowboats make their way to a hilly town by night.The seat of Versex County in Ustalav, near to where Briarstone Asylum is located.

While researching in the Briarstone library, Dora learned that the town was originally founded in the early 4000s by a congregation of psychopomp-worshiping homesteaders. They were soon joined by the Briarstone Witch, and tales attribute many good works to her and present her as a figure who helped the settlers survive their hard early years.

As the Briarstone Witch shared her occult knowledge with the townsfolk, she eventually came to lead them. Then in 4050 A.R., the report of  Pharasmin inquisitors accused the people of Thrushmoor of engaging in “perverted rites in mockery of Pharasma.” Encouraged by the Witch, the people of Thrushmoor split from both the church and the national government.

When emissaries of the state marched to retake control of the town, they found the entire population had disappeared. Although a few gruesome stains marked buildings across the empty town, no other evidence of the people was ever found. The unsettling event became known as the Thrushmoor Vanishing.

In Chapter 21, Dora recalled lore of there being three standing stones in the town that resemble the two unfinished stones on the north coast of Briarstone Isle.

In Chapter 33, Gull recounted there being a main street in Thrushmoor known as Market Street, and that an old abandoned mansion known as the Wailing House sat at its end.

In Chapter 36, the party got its first view of the settlement as they approached by water. In Chapter 37, they saw it by daylight: Tudor-style architecture mixed with extreme Gothic. Brown and gray buildings with absurdly tall steepled peaks on all roofs. Mostly two stories tall, dark.

Thrushmoor was the setting for the entirety of Act II. Prominent locations include Iris HillFort Hailcourse, the Silver Wagon, and The Stain. Before the events of the campaign, prominent locals included Count Haserton Pragmus Lowls IV (ruler of Versex County), Tillus Padgett (town magistrate), Trillis Mavaine (priestess of Pharasma), and Cesadia Wrentz (owner of the Sleepless Agency).

In Chapter 74, the party determined that Thrushmoor had been the hunting grounds of Daria, a Vetala (a sort of “soul vampire” with the ability to erase and alter memories), for many years, a creature that had continuously drained its citizens and children of their memories and potential.

First Reference: Chapter 10
Other Notable References: Chapter 15, Chapter 20, Chapter 21, Chapter 33, Chapter 36, Chapter 37, Chapter 74


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