Dashing captain of the Sellen Starling. Fit, muscular, middle-aged halfling. Dark, tawny skin with large watery blue eyes and pale auburn hair. Wears a fine mithral shirt and carries a gleaming rapier. A world-traveler.

She runs the Sellen Passage every few years: hauling spices north and carrying back magical hardwood from the Shudderwood that she obtains from a “crazy guy.” The trip is long and dangerous under the best of circumstances, but this year she was warned by her sometimes-prophetic acquaintance Jaydove to bring “friends” on her journey. All seemed to be going fine, but when they arrived in Thrushmoor the town was locked-up and paranoid and there was no sign of her contact.

In Chapter 43, she attended one of Dora's psychometry readings and left a little uncomfortable with the proceedings.

During the solstice ceremonies in Chapter 49, she revealed that she had once been a pirate against the Chelaxian navy, and while she was at sea during that time her family was murdered and their farm was burnt to the ground.

During the Skum attack on the Sellen Starling in Chapter 50 (Part 2), Skywin was revealed to be a highly experienced Swashbuckler.

In Chapter 62, after the party learned of a likely attack from Melisenn and her followers, Skywin agreed to take the Starling and a group of prominent Thrushmoor locals out onto Lake Encarthan for a full day. She left in Chapter 63 at dusk on 7 Neth, and returned in Chapter 74 at dusk on 8 Neth.

First Reference: Chapter 37
Other Notable References: Chapter 43, Chapter 49, Chapter 50 (Part 2), Chapter 62, Chapter 63, Chapter 74

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