First seen in Gull's first dream, apparently at the labyrinthine university. It seemed wrong, pointing at the sky like an angry yellow finger. It was both flat and round, both tall and squat. It was covered in squirming symbols and etched with stars that had “too many points.”

A similar monument was featured in a painting on the walls of Dr. Losandro‘s office, presumably made by Ulver Zandalus. In Chapter 22, Gull realized that while he somehow must have associated the monument (a stela) with the Sincomakti School, he didn’t think one actually resided there.

Upon arriving in Thrushmoor, the party observed two star stelae atop two of three prominent hills. Viewed up close, one seemed to have a shine or gleam that made it seem brighter than it should.

In Chapter 39, the party investigated the star stela on the island just offshore of Thrushmoor, realizing quickly that it was an artifact. They also recalled that Dora once claimed that, historically, there had been three standing stones in the town, even though there were only two now. Rony touched it, and heard a faint susurrus of whispering that threatened to drive him mad. The party felt certain that these monuments would be quite at home in the city from their first shared dream back in Briarstone and that they were clearly tied to the worship of Hastur.

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 22, Chapter 37, Chapter 39


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