The yellow outline of a hand floats above a severed wrist stump.A person whose name was carved all over Ray’s body, save his face and hands, in Infernal.

In Chapter 44, Ray began to wonder if Daria was his sister, the one whom Vatticus claimed Brayden killed.

In Chapter 65, the party found a children’s bedroom in the Vatticus home with a bunk bed upon which the initials R and D had been carved.

In Chapter 72, Dora encountered Ray’s ghost in the Wailing House, screaming Daria’s name in pain and confusion. Dora offered her collection of finger bones (which she believed to have been Daria’s) to the spirit. When he touched them, they disintegrated, but this moment of contact seemed to temporarily lessen Ray’s pain.

In Chapter 73, Ray’s ghost experienced a partial memory of walking down Market Street to the Wailing House with Daria. This vision confirmed that she had been his younger sister, 4 years old at the time of the vision in 4705. She had metallic bronze skin, bright purple eyes, and long, straight, yellow hair. She possessed the ability to become invisible, somehow. While Ray thought of Vatticus as “Dad,” she thought of him as “Dr. Vatticus.” She was scared to enter the Wailing House, but Brayden assured her everything would be okay.

In Dora’s psychometry vision of the empty finger bone pouch, Daria was seen as an undead aberration that violently assaulted Dora following the events of Chapter 72. She presented as a little girl with pale, bloodless skin gleaming like metal, eyes the color of the deepest night, and lank and filthy yellow hair in a natty bob. She wore a decade-old (at least) rotting blue baby-doll dress. A crown of rotting flowers wreathed her head. Her neck was a mangled mess, like something small and thin and sharp had nearly severed it. And her arms ended in sawed-off stumps. In the vision she demonstrated the ability to turn invisible, cloud Dora’s mind, and cause her muscles to lock up. Daria seemed to bear an extreme level of hostility toward Thema.

In Chapter 74, the party determined that Daria was a Vetala (a sort of “soul vampire” with the ability to erase and alter memories), and had been haunting Thrushmoor for many years, draining its citizens and children of their memories and potential. She may have been a psychic spellcaster with the sorrow discipline.

In Chapter 85, the party returned to the Wailing House and destroyed the abomination that Daria had become.

First Reference: Chapter 2
Other Notable References: Chapter 6, Chapter 43, Chapter 44, Chapter 65, Chapter 72, Chapter 73, Chapter 74, Chapter 85


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