Older male in patient’s robes at Briarstone Asylum. He was sleeping, propped against a younger woman, when the characters first arrived at the chapel in Chapter Eight. Long gray hair, slicked back. He seems to suffer from hallucinations. People take turns tending to him. Winter keeps his medicine, and getting him to take it is an involved process.

In Chapter 9, while Dora was attempting to hypnotize Loic into taking his medicine, she summoned a light lullaby that provoked something unexpected: he claimed he hadn’t heard “Sally” in many years and began interacting with someone who wasn’t there. When Dora detected his thoughts, she saw that while his mind was not whole, it was still filled with images. Sally seemed to be a young girl of seven or eight in a bright blue dress, laughing as she slipped through a field of green grass under a gentle rain. Subsequently summoning the sound of rain was enough to calm Loic enough for Mura to deliver his medicine.

In Chapter 31, the players learned his surname and that he had once been a cobbler. He was committed many years ago by his sister, Sally Sparhawk, after an injury that resulted in significant brain trauma. Sally visited once every year, just when the spring rains began to fall.

First Reference: Chapter 8
Other Notable References: Chapter 9, Chapter 31


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