Author of the book On Violent Sands, found by the party in Administrator Losandro‘s office in Chapter 15.

In Chapter 18, the party learned from Ulver Zandalus' ecclesiastical record that Meirtmane had been a prominent dean at the Sincomakti School of Sciences. Leader of the university’s famed expeditions. Succeeded at a daring rescue of Ulver Zandalus three decades before the start of the adventure after Zandalus had been captured by a cult of Him Who Is Not To Be Named. This experience changed him (according to Burgevin), and he soon “lost himself” in some unknown book.

In Chapter 74, the party read Lowls’ accounts of his conversations with Zandalus over the years before the start of the campaign and obtained more information about Meirtmane’s final expedition. It had taken place in 4685 (33 years before the start of the campaign), in Qadira. Meirtmane found that a cult had discovered an ancient tomb containing The Chain of Nights, and led his company on a raid against them, stole the book, but lost most of his team in the process—several died, but others, like Ulver Zandalus, were kidnapped. To his credit, Meirtmane didn’t abandon them. The cult moved their victims elsewhere to be drugged and tortured, but Meirtmane found and rescued Zandalus. It was, however, too late for his traumatized mind. Meirtmane vowed to ensure that information about the King in Yellow never saw the light of day, and he became a recluse in the aftermath.

First Reference: Chapter 15
Other Notable References: Chapter 18, Chapter 74, Chapter 79


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