A famous asylum in the nation of Ustalav, located on Briarstone Isle.

While researching in the Briarstone Library, Dora learned that the asylum was founded in 4585 A.R. with the support of Count Haserton Lowls I, and Rozenport’s Sincomakti School of Sciences. Dedicated since its founding to the humane, non-magical treatments of mental disorders.

The building structure was originally supposed to be a fort (called Fort Briar), for its strategic position at the mouth of the Danver River where it flows into Lake Encarthan. It was intended to protect Thrushmoor, the seat of Versex County, from pirates on the lake. But the fort’s original construction in 4315 was plagued by accidents, reportedly culminating in the death of its overseer, Captain Anoch Atherton, and never completed—resulting in rumors that Briarstone Isle itself was haunted.

Construction of the asylum was completed on the site a year after the church of Pharasma completed an island-wide exorcism at the request of Count Lowls I.

First Reference: Chapter 4
Other Notable References: Chapter 20


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