An occult bookseller from Rozenport who was put on trial in Thrushmoor 20 years before the start of the campaign, when Count Haserton Lowls III (who was still alive at the time, though suffering from a strange wasting sickness) leveled a laundry list of accusations against him. Lowls III accused Prett of engaging in a decades-long affair with his wife Countess Nemira Lowls, saying he never released her from his “lusty clutches” after their time together at the Sincomakti School, and Lowls claimed Prett had poisoned him (and was thus the cause of the disease that was killing him).

He was sentenced to die in his cell below Fort Hailcourse. Upon learning this information in Chapter 74, the party assumed he was the source of the cold aura emanating from a sealed door they found in the basement of the keep in Chapter 60.

First Reference: Chapter 60
Other Notable References: Chapter 74


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