Mother to Count Haserton Pragmus Lowls IV. Wife to Count Haserton Lowls III. Believed to be dead and haunting the town of Thrushmoor (first seen by the party as a glowing blue light descending from Iris Hill as they rowed to town from Briarstone Isle).

Encountered by the party on the streets of Thrushmoor during Chapter 50 (Part 3) as what Dora recognized to be an incorporeal eldritch projection. She appeared as an elderly human woman dressed in mourning wear that hadn’t been washed in decades. Her left eye was a goat’s eye. Her left pinky was six inches long. It wasn’t clear if she had legs or
tentacles under her skirts, but she did have two octopus-suckered tentacles bursting out from her waist. She was glowing, blue, and transparent; flickering in and out of existence. She had ten-foot reach, combat reflexes, dealt Charisma damage with her incorporeal touch.

She was beyond insane and seemed to particularly focus her rage on Dora, who she repeatedly called a “dirty girl.”

First Reference: Chapter 36
Other Notable References: Chapter 39, Chapter 50 (Part 3)


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