A.k.a. Nemira Caligar

Mother to Count Haserton Pragmus Lowls IV. Wife to Count Haserton Lowls III. Believed to be dead and haunting the town of Thrushmoor (first seen by the party as a glowing blue light descending from Iris Hill as they rowed to town from Briarstone Isle).

She was encountered by the party on the streets of Thrushmoor during Chapter 50 (Part 3) as what Dora recognized to be the incorporeal eldritch projection of a living being. She appeared as an elderly human woman dressed in mourning wear that hadn’t been washed in decades. Her left eye was a goat’s eye. Her left pinky was six inches long. It wasn’t clear if she had legs or tentacles under her skirts, but she did have two octopus-suckered tentacles bursting out from her waist. She was glowing, blue, and transparent; flickering in and out of existence. She had ten-foot reach, combat reflexes, and dealt Charisma damage with her incorporeal touch.

She was beyond insane and seemed to particularly focus her rage on Dora, who she repeatedly called a “dirty girl.”

The party next encountered her inside Iris Hill in Chapters 68 and 69, initially in projection form, and then shortly thereafter in the flesh. Thema killed her with a mind thrust at the end of a pitched battle. Upon investigation, it appeared as though her physical body had been locked in the manor house attic for twenty years.

In Chapter 74, while reading through old town records, the party learned about Clymes Prett, an occult bookseller from Rozenport who was put on trial in Thrushmoor twenty years earlier, when Count Haserton Lowls III (who was still alive at the time, though suffering from a strange wasting sickness) leveled a laundry list of accusations against him. Lowls III accused Prett of engaging in a decades-long affair with Nemira, saying he never released her from his “lusty clutches” after their time together at the Sincomakti School, and Lowls claimed Prett had poisoned him (and was thus the cause of the disease that was killing him).

Prett was sentenced to die in his cell in Fort Hailcourse. Shortly thereafter, Lowls III died. And shortly after that, Lowls IV told town officials that Nemira had died of the same illness and had been buried in the family crypt.

According to her son’s journals read in Chapter 86, she was the daughter of a ludicrously wealthy merchant from Kerse in Druma. Brilliant scholar, ravishing beauty. Also a “sex-starved harlot”, a “cruel monster”, and an ice-queen traitor. Learned of the King in Yellow and the “sacred cocoon of Carcosa” during her years at the Sincomakti school and passed this on to her son, Hasteron. She figured out that Iris Hill was built over the third star stela and secretly excavated it. She killed the workers who dug it out and practically raised Haserton there. She enjoyed messing with her husband.

First Reference: Chapter 36
Other Notable References: Chapter 39, Chapter 50 (Part 3), Chapter 68, Chapter 69, Chapter 74, Chapter 86


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