A rotting humanoid figure lurks at the bottom of a body of water next to a sundered cage.A person referenced in Chapter 9 by Airwynn on the party’s first day in the chapel as having disappeared three years earlier. Airwynn further implied that Grip had something to do with his disappearance.

Author of the book On The Treatment of Ambitions, Disappointments and Regrets, found by the party in Administrator Losandro‘s office in Chapter 15.

In Chapter 17, the party learned from Ulver Zandalus‘ patient record that Dr. Trice had expressed misgivings about Count Lowls‘ interest in Zandalus roughly three years before the beginning of the adventure.

His file was missing from the staff records room when the party searched for it in Chapter 17.

In Chapter 18, the party learned from Ulver Zandalus' ecclesiastical record that Trice had been Briarstone Asylum’s head administrator before Dr. Losandro was elevated to the position.

In Chapter 20, Airwynn shared her story with Grip. In brief: the staff at Briarstone was told that Trice retired to be with his family in Rozenport, but Airwynn knew that he was murdered by Grip and Gull in Pharast of 4515. And she had been forced to clean up his blood.

In Chapter 37, Dr. Trice returned as a Revenant, single-mindedly focused on destroying Grip. Before attacking, he monologued about his fate:

For years, I raged and rotted inside that cage at the bottom of the lake. Howling and screaming, always able to sense you, to feel you, yet unable to escape.

Then you faded… you thinned…

Yet still I continued… almost slumbering, but not quite… not quite… Not even fully awake when an earthquake dropped me into a fissure and the pressure split my cage. I stirred… but still I slumbered.


I felt something. Not you… but you? Was it?

Then yesterday YOU WERE BACK! If not quite your soul, then at least the wretched body you used to destroy mine.

I walked all night across the bottom of the lake from my home to yours. And you will pay for what you have done!

In Chapter 38, after a coordinated effort, the party managed to destroy his undead form for once and all.

First Reference: Chapter 9
Other Notable References: Chapter 15, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 20, Chapter 37, Chapter 38


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