a.k.a. Miss Melisenn

A person referenced by Gulliver Vatticus in the wedding ring psychometry vision as liking to drink “fun juice.” Ray and Gull briefly mentioned her in Chapter 33 when discussing details of that vision.

In Chapter 39, the party learned from Cesadia Wrentz that she was the head housekeeper/butler for the Lowls family and the Iris Hill estate, and that shortly prior to the beginning of the campaign she’d fired most of the staff of the mansion. Since the earthquake and following confusion, she had reportedly sealed the estate and let nobody in.

In Chapter 43, the party found a written request from Melisenn for increased drug output in Jane‘s cave, with a promise that “Soon, all we seek to know will be revealed.”

In Chapter 48, Stazi shared that Melisenn claimed the authority of Maiden's Choir was no longer recognized at Iris Hill when Omari, Winter, and Stazi came to investigate.

In Chapter 51, Dora learned through psychometry visions that Melisenn had a weird, contentious relationship with Thema, and would put on a child-like tone with her. In one vision, Melisenn found Thema’s request to have Risi kill Gulliver and Brayden “interesting.” Conversely, in another vision, she took a matronly tone with Ray, who told her the Count “had no clue what he was into” before he urged her—in the event he didn’t come back or came back “changed or wrong or dead”—to ask Risi to kill all of them for him. Melisenn agreed to do so.

In Chapter 52, the party began to process her as not simply a housekeeper, but someone with equal authority to the others (Vatticus, Thema, Grip, Rony & Ray) at Iris Hill. She knew what the others were up to, but did not seem to be a part of their adventures with Lowls.

First Reference: Chapter 28
Other Notable References: Chapter 33, Chapter 39, Chapter 43, Chapter 48, Chapter 51, Chapter 52


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