a.k.a. Nix

Named by Cesadia Wrentz as one of Rony’s former associates in Thrushmoor. Reportedly a “fucking coward.”

In Chapter 46, he was referenced in Rony’s letter (as “Nix”) to Grip as someone Grip could “gut” once Rony was gone.

In Chapter 60, it was learned that he was a former militiaman who has held many jobs during his days in Thrushmoor. The party encountered him working as the Fish Market night watchman (standing guard under the light of Glowing Jill), before he fled from them in terror.

Nix reappeared in Chapter 86, revealing himself to Dabwick after hiding out in Fort Hailcourse for days (avoiding Grip and Vik). He asked Dabwick for their magical hat that can change his appearance; but Dabs ended up locking him in a room in keep for Grip to deal with later.

In Chapter 87, he promised Grip he was going to leave Thrushmoor, but Grip felt him to be not entirely trustworthy.

First Reference: Chapter 39
Other Notable References: Chapter 46, Chapter 60, Chapter 86, Chapter 87


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