A guest at Thema and Gulliver Vatticus’ wedding. Tall, thin, nerdy-chic. Strong chin, tall forehead, rakish swoop of perfect blond hair, fashionable spectacles, and a big smile. Burn scars cover his right cheek.

He brought some books for Thema at Count Lowls’ request. Claims his parents hated him. Showed something in a book to Thema that changed her life forever.

According to vague memories of Gull’s, he had possibly been a hotshot student or teacher at the Sincomakti School in the 4680’s.

In Chapter 62, Dabwick revealed that they had once been employed as a ratter by Mun, and that he was known in Cassomir as a prominent philanthropist. He had paintings in his house that Dabwick came to associate as being related to Carcosa.

In Chapter 81, while heading down to the sub-basement of Iris Hill, Dora felt that her body had descended these stairs before, and she remembered that she had followed Mun up them to “her fate.”

In Chapter 83, Viktor discovered instructions in Iris Hill detailing Mun’s calculations for drugging Thema, Rony, Riptusk, Brayden, and Vatticus to keep them asleep without deadening their abilities, and a note to Lowls dated 1 Lamashan: “I look forward to seeing you again soon, my old friend. Perhaps early in the new year, it seems? I eagerly await news of your latest discoveries, and what the Mad Poet had to say.”

First Reference: Chapter 34
Other Notable References: Chapter 62, Chapter 81, Chapter 83


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