a.k.a. Penelope, “Lucky Penny”
DRUID (Urban Druid) 6

Halfling with a magical hat that allows them to change their appearance. Brandishes a handmade green flag hanging from a darkwood quarterstaff. Carries a leather satchel containing their “credentials:” a vellum document proclaiming them to be the Official Premiere Honorary Building Inspector of Cassomir.

Traveled to Thrushmoor on the Sellen Starling with Skywin Freeling as additional muscle for the dangerous journey.

In Chapter 43, Dabwick was seen spending their time on the ship keeping things clean and proselytizing the joys of Cassomir to the Briarstone survivors.

In Chapter 49, Dabwick shared that they hail from Cassomir, which they love beyond measure, and that they had been dreaming about a “Conglomerate City” for weeks—a place they imagined as a city made of other cities, full of balance and understanding.

During the Skum attack on the Sellen Starling in Chapter 50 (Part 2), Dabwick was revealed to be an Urban Druid, whose profession in Cassomir was as a ratter. They made use of the Protection Domain, which relates to slate, walls, gravel, and cobblestones. They meditate for spells at dusk.

In Chapter 51, Dabwick felt the energy of two cities co-existing in the same place, and saw Carcosa in person for the first time. Shortly thereafter, they joined Dora, Grip, and Rony in their assault on Fort Hailcourse, hoping to be of assistance in taking care of Thrushmoor’s Skum infestation.

By Chapter 58, deep within the fort, near death, and dealing with Rony’s paranoia, they began to wonder if they were comfortable traveling with the party. In Chapter 60, they shared their concerns about the party’s goals and morality with Skywin.

In Chapter 61, Dabwick gained the ability to alter self at will. Later, while wrestling with their concerns about traveling with the party, a conversation with Grip about Carcosa (where he clearly went out of his way to protect Dabs) provided them some comfort and reassured them that they were of vital importance to the party.

In Chapter 62, Dabwick revealed that they used to do some ratting work in the city of Cassomir for Miacknian Mun, and that’s where Dabwick first saw Carcosa in a painting. It was a powerful moment for them, but they are learning to have a new perspective on what Carcosa is. In the same chapter, they also meditated on their past experience with Eirost Coldfury.

In Chapter 63, Dabwick developed the ability to transform themself into a Boggard, and in Chapter 64 they turned into a Grippli.

In Chapter 65, Dabwick revealed an ability to summon significant creatures to do battle at the party’s side, when they summoned their first Muddy Buddy. They added to their arsenal in Chapter 71 by summoning Irrisen wildcats and Fire Elementals, and in Chapter 72 by summoning Water Elementals.

In Chapter 74, while meditating for spells, Dabwick experienced a vision of the Conglomerate City.

In Chapter 78, Dabwick heard the name of Xhamen-Dor spoken by Weiralai and was seeded.

In Chapter 81, Dabwick, having just heard the name Xhamen-dor, descended to the sub-basement of Iris Hill while trying to simply get on top of what was going on. They were absolutely terrified and didn’t know what to expect.

In Chapter 84, while meditating for spells, Dabwick experienced a vision of their very earliest days.

In Chapter 87, Dabwick found some sympathy for Vik’s paranoia about Gulliver Vatticus, and felt disappointment over the revelation of Miacknian Mun’s true nature. They then meditated on how they got their name.

First Reference: Chapter 36
Other Notable References: Chapter 37, Chapter 43, Chapter 49, Chapter 50 (Part 2)
First Episode As Main Character: Chapter 51

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